Welcome to Munich, welcome home!

Lufthansa A350-900 lands at its home airport for the first


 Lufthansa Christmas angel on board: 10,000 euros for Munich orphanage

 World's most modern long-haul fleet for Munich

It is one of the most important events for the year for the Lufthansa Group: The first

Lufthansa A350-900 landed at its home airport of Munich airport today. With a total of ten

aircraft, Lufthansa stations the world's most modern long-haul fleet at the Munich hub.

Captain Martin Hoell flew the A350-900 “home” today, and is thrilled: “The A350-900 is the

most modern plane with the most up-to-date technical features a commercial pilot can fly.”

For the cabin crew who brought the A350-900 to Munich, the event is also “a milestone

that makes us very proud”, says flight attendant Annika Wittmann.

Flight LH 9921 from Toulouse landed today on the southern runway, and was greeted by

the fire brigade spraying arches of water as a welcome. There was a Lufthansa Christmas

angel on board, Lufthansa employee Anja Oskoui, who had a special something in her

suitcase: She gave a 10,000 euro cheque to a Munich orphanage from help alliance,

Lufthansa’s non-profit employee organisation.

The help alliance organisation has been around for more than 17 years. It is committed to ensuring that more

people on our planet can decide for themselves how to live their lives. The result of the 13 Lufthansa-founded

associations: More than 140 successfully supported aid projects, more than ten million euros in

donations - in addition to emergency aid provided in the event of various natural disasters.

Photo caption: Lufthansa Christmas angel Anja Oskoui passes the cheque to the representatives from the

Munich orphanage. (From left to right) Kathrin Krist (House Manager of the Munich orphanage), Daniel Fritsch

(Divisional Manager for new buildings and unaccompanied refugee children) and Martina Chaborski

(Donations coordinator).

 Photo: Lufthansa